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Porte de Damas - Bab el Ahmoud

Damascus Gate, East Jerusalem [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

Durée : 1 min 20
En ligne le : 15/07/08 08:57
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The Damascus Gate in Jerusalem friday 10 of ramadan 20-8-2010

ليلة من ليالي شهر رمضان في باب العامود في القدس تدل على عروبة هذه المدينة المقدسة ومكانتها لدى الشعب الفلسطيني واصرار المقدسيين على البقاء في القدس والصمود فيها للدفاع عنها في وجه الاحتلال الاسرائيلي وقطعان مستوطنيه من تهويدها The night of the month of Ramadan In the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem shows the Arab character of this holy city and its status among the Palestinian people And the insistence of Jerusalemites to stay in Jerusalem and the steadfastness of her defense in the face of Israeli occupation and herds of settlers From Judaization La nuit du mois de Ramadan Dans la Porte de Damas à Jérusalem montre le caractère arabe de cette ville sainte et de son statut au sein du peuple palestinien Et l'insistance de Jérusalem de rester à Jérusalem et la fermeté de sa défense face à l'occupation israélienne et les troupeaux de colons De judaïsation [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

Durée : 5 min 49
En ligne le : 16/09/10 18:26
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برنامج جامد جدا

لتحميل البرنامج www.damasgate.com البرنامج ده اسمه Camtasia 6 وهو برنامج رائع جدا يمكنك من ان تسجل سطح المكتب بتاعك و يسجل كل حاجة انت بتعملها عليه وممكن كمان انك تضيف تعليق عليه البرنامج رائع جدا جدا جدا من هنا للسنه الجاية وفى الفيديو ده انا بشرح لك ممكن تنزيله منين نسخة كاملة and that it enjoy [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

Durée : 3 min 03
En ligne le : 03/04/09 21:01
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how to activate windows

NOTE: this is an activator.exe just like a keygen. if u got a crap anti virus program like avast, it will say this is a virus which is a false positive. i suggest u get a better one like norton or eset. credit should also go to abc123pro cause thats who i got the program from. if you got any questions, ask me and ill answer then as sooon as possible and as best as i can download link for damas gate: 42b05e68.linkbucks.com [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

Durée : 1 min 01
En ligne le : 24/05/10 17:27
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Damascus, Middle District: Flags and Templars

Use this video in conjuction with a map to quickly collect all 34 Saracen flags in Damascus, Middle District. www.assassinscreed-maps.com The video starts at the Informer near the south city gate. This video was shot in one continuous take. The flags were not collected in numerical order. Here is an abbreviated table of contents in case you are looking for a specific flag or Templar: Flags 1-5, 0:15 Flags 6-10, 1:30 Flags 11-15, 2:55 Flag 16, 6:45 Flags 17-21, 7:30 Flags 22-23, 7:00 Flags 24-28, 5:30 Flags 29-31, 4:05 Flags 32-34, 4:50 Templar 1, 0:55 Templar 2, 3:05 Templar 3, 7:50 Similar videos for other cities/districts are found in this playlist: www.youtube.com [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

Durée : 9 min 11
En ligne le : 20/01/09 21:10
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Clika Unida Party Parranderos de South Gate Promo

Sabado 6 De Marzo, Clika Unida Party con Los Padrinos, Los Parranderos de South gate, Las Caneleras y Las Damas Divinas. Tocando en Vivo, Diego Sierra, Ambicion Nortena, Los Reales, 3 Gallos, Hermanos Moreno, Los Serenos, El Compa Canelo y en Vivo con DJ PNUT. Puertas abren a las 8:00pm. En el "YA Merito Restaurant" en la Cuidad de Compton. No se lo Pierdan! [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

Durée : 2 min 41
En ligne le : 21/02/10 16:52
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سلسلة اسرار خلفيات اليوتيوب الجزء 5

رابط تحميل برنامج الفوتوشوب كامل عربي www.damasgate.com [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

Durée : 13 min 25
En ligne le : 28/08/10 06:08
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How to make RTL 8102E/RTL 8103E work on Snow Leopard 10.6.X Part 1

to download the file www.damasgate.com Some People face a problem when they want to connect to the internet using this Ethernet Card. the system will identified this card as RTL 8169 I stile face a problem in exploring the web sites the connection will drop after 20 to 30 minuts [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

Durée : 2 min 23
En ligne le : 17/08/10 12:35
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Jak3 glitch [warning: plot spoiler]

This is just some weird glitch that "happend" once when Seleuf ( www.youtube.com ) was playing Jak3 on my ps2. i have not edited the video exept from the text BEFORE and AFTER the clip. Disclaimer: I do not own Jak3. [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

Durée : 0 min 48
En ligne le : 24/11/09 12:38
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Ramallah Daily - 1st April 2003

Episode 15 Filmed on the very day of broadcast each edition of Ramallah Daily will tell in three minute daily chronicles the stories of Palestinians and Israelis negotiating the borders, both physical and political, that dominate their lives. [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

Durée : 3 min
En ligne le : 03/01/09 08:38
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