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Amman, Jordanie, la Citadelle

Premier jour de mon circuit Merveilles d'Orient : l'après-midi nous visitons Amman, capitale de la Jordanie. Cette vidéo a été tournée en haut de la citadelle qui domine la ville. On y voit notamment le théâtre romain, des vestiges romains, la ville ... Mes photos sont en ligne sur mon site internet : fenotte2003.com [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

Durée : 2 min 20
En ligne le : 18/10/08 14:18
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Little Petra - Wadi Rum - Aquaba - Amman.m2ts

Little Petra - Wadi Rum - Aquaba - Amman (Partie 6/6) voyage club aventure Syrie jordanie juin 2010 [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

Durée : 10 min
En ligne le : 21/06/10 19:27
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Moskee Amman

Moskee in Amman om 04:45u vanuit hotel Larsa [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

Durée : 0 min 53
En ligne le : 26/10/09 18:35
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Jordan Petra , Amman , Karak , Dead sea

tour in Jordan, Amman , Petra , Dead sea alkarak castle and hot spring in maeen 约旦رحلة سياحية في الاردن عمان البحر الميت البتراء المياه الساخنة في معين Film by Turath Mazloum Petra lies about 3-5 hours south of modern Amman, about 2 hours north of Aqaba, on the edges of the mountainous desert of the Wadi Araba. The city is surrounded by towering hills of rust-coloured sandstone which gave the city some natural protection against invaders. The site is semi-arid, the friable sandstone which allowed the Nabataeans to carve their temples and tombs into the rock crumbling easily to sand. The colour of the rock ranges from pale yellow or white through rich reds to the darker brown of more resistant rocks. The contorted strata of different-coloured rock form whorls and waves of colour in the rock face, which the Nabataeans exploited in their architecture. [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

Durée : 9 min 21
En ligne le : 17/10/08 18:53
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Technology and Business Incubation - Amman, Jordan

Amman, Jordan The work program of this incubator addresses the key issues of entrepreneurial culture in the region, especially in regard to facilitating enterprise start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) finance and government networking. Following a government grant of $US 200000 to establish the incubator, it aims to achieve financial self-sufficiency through a model of tenant rentals and revenue sharing. The primary objectives of the infoDev-funded work program are to connect the numerous activities in Jordan that relate to job creation through entrepreneur and small business development and support, to achieve success through coordinating the different efforts so as to reduce duplication and to increase know-how and knowledge. [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

Durée : 10 min 23
En ligne le : 18/03/08 21:38
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This video about relation between nation and kingdom , it is about glory of great history and new modern civiliazation , it is about legacy cultur, this video about jordan as a great history and new modern country , it is about relation between people and king , it is about glory of nation and kingdom . i have added 3 song for this video: they were all bought as a CD. anyways, the 1st song is Hero, 2nd is Hello, and the 3rd is Sting-DesertRose. i have worked really hard to make this nice video for you so you can look at the beautiful of Jordan :) . for the pictures issue, i took some of them, the rest i don't have any right to, i have found them on google and used them, i give all the city photos credit to "mansour mouasher" who took them and i thank him for the good job he did :) and i really thank you guys for looking at this video and please rate and comment if you like ^^ tks and have a nice day . [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

Durée : 7 min 36
En ligne le : 11/02/10 05:51
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Destination: Amman, Jordan

Learn about the capital city of Jordan, a proud and sophisticated nation, with thousands of years of history, that welcomes visitors will open arms. Allow an InterContinental Concierge member lead you on a special tour. Go to www.ichotelsgroup.com [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

Durée : 4 min 28
En ligne le : 11/12/07 23:21
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This ispart of a series, Planet Terra, which when licensed allows you to add your own custom narration to meet you specific marketing needs. Contact us at TravelVideoStore.com for more details about licensing this episode or any of the 365 other episodes to destinations around the world. [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

Durée : 4 min 46
En ligne le : 13/05/09 04:21
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Adhan al-Fajr from Amman, Jordan

There are some adhans from Amman on Youtube which I love a lot. Unfortunately, they are not fully recorded. After searching for a while on the Internet, I found a full version! The adhan is called by Ma'ruf ash-Sharif, who is a muadhin at al-Aqsa mosque. Enjoy this beautiful adhan! [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

Durée : 3 min 54
En ligne le : 16/08/07 14:35
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Lipolytic Lipocavitation (Lipodissolving) At Denain Clinic Amman Jordan May 2009 - www.Denian.net

www.Denian.Net Watch how fat is really melting at Doctor Denian's clinic Amman Jordan - Reservation 079 6444578. Comprehensive Neuro Esthetic & Anti Aging Rehabilitation multidisciplinary program - Unique all around the world. Denians clinic utilizes the most advanced medical technology such as Multi Frequency Ultrasound, RF, Mesotherapy And Comprehensive Medical Rehabilitation Schedule. Our goal is to make you achieve the best possible esthetic body shaping. www.Denian.net [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

Durée : 3 min 30
En ligne le : 29/05/09 13:40
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